Feet First

close up of hot pink and polka-dot toenails
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Hot Trend #4: The Artistic Statement

“Women are more likely to try something fun and more ‘out of the box’ on their toes than on their fingernails,” notes CND’s Quick. “Add-on services like glitter, stones, foil and stamps are becoming more fun and make for a great added boost to the service menu. Fashion-forward nail art is also starting to make an entrance into pedicures.”

How to bring it:
“For nail art, a core collection of ‘Crayola’ colors is always good to have on hand, along with glitters to help add some flare,” suggests Cabeza.

“Having nail techs with painted nail tips with foil, glitter and stones serves as a great visual for clients to see what is possible,” adds Quick. “And don’t forget to show clients how many color options they can get with layering!”

“Nail pens are a quick and easy way to add the touches that your clients’ happy summer toes need—decorative lines, circles and simple, clean designs that clearly say ‘fun’ without going over the top,” notes Freund.

Suggested products: Shellac from CND (try the company’s glam “Twinkle Toes” pedi)!; Cina Nail Pens in Neon

“Summer 2012 is all about gold. The symbol for gold is a circle with a point at the center representing the sun. Gold is our world’s most precious metal and the ancient symbol for wealth. It radiates warmth.”
—Sue Thomas, SpaRitual