Feet First

buffing during pedicure
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Hot Trend #2: Meticulous Grooming

“The biggest trend for summer 2012 is beautifully pedicured feet and happy toes,” declares Patricia Freund, vice president of marketing, Cuccio Naturalé. “Feet must be pedicured to perfection with polished or gel-polished toenails with a great design that evokes a fun feeling. Every woman wants to feel wonderful about her feet during the summer.”

How to bring it: “A mask and a scrub for the feet really makes a huge difference because it just sloughs off all that dead skin you get from wearing sandals and flip-flops and walking on the beach,” says Weiss-Fischmann. “Always, always make sure that these are part of a pedicure!”

“As part of a natural look, it’s important that feet be well maintained and free of calluses and hard, dry skin,” agrees Lisa Crary, CEO/owner, Sanítas Skincare. “Exfoliating enzyme pedicures are a great way to rid the feet of dry, dehydrated winter skin. Enzymes will soften and smooth the skin as well as improve circulation.”

Suggested products: Sanítas Papaya Foot Scrub and OPI Chamomile Mint Mask and Scrub

“Keep your pedicure interesting. If you’re using Tuscan Citrus Herb, call it a ‘Margarita Pedicure’, ‘Tropical Holiday Pedicure’ or ‘Day at the Beach Pedicure’ to name a few. Get creative and have some fun.”
—Patricia Freund, Cuccio Naturalé