Face Time

courtesy Phytomer USA/Vie USA

Vie Collection 3-D Wrinkle Treatment

featuring products by Phytomer USA/Vie USA

Spa: Krystyna’s European Spa, Beverly Hills, MI
• Remove makeup; cleanse and tone using Cleansing Cream and Multi-Action Toning Lotion. Follow with a customized exfoliation—including a mechanical process using Micro-D Powder—followed by an acid peel.
• Smooth wrinkles with Wrinkle Eraser tool. Apply Wrinkles Relaxing Serum with pinching and pressing movements; follow with manual massage.
• Massage the lower section of the face with the Face Shaper tool to stimulate microcirculation via pinching and kneading action. Apply Wrinkle Filling Serum using pressing/smoothing movements on the smile lines and around the lips.
• Use the Face Shaper on the cheeks, jaw line and neck to restructure tissue and redefine facial contours; follow with manual smoothing massage.
• Apply Cryogenic Mask to the face, neck and décolleté.
• Apply Eye Correction Cream and Firming Boosting Cream.

Why Clients Love It: “This treatment has quickly become a favorite with our guests, because they can see immediate results,” says Krystyna Ejsmont, esthetician and owner of Krystyna’s European Spa. “Skin is not only smoother and more radiant, but firmer and younger-looking.”