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Peel & Heal Facial

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Spa: Earthsavers Relaxation Spa + Store, New Orleans
• Apply cotton pads over eyes and use dermascope to analyze client’s skin.
• Cleanse face with Deep and Clear Cleanser.
• Apply Oil Balance Toner and massage client’s face, shoulders and neck, performing lymph drainage.
• Apply Bare Fruit Enzyme Mask Part 1; top with Bare Fruit Activator Part 2. Massage gently for 5 minutes, and keep mixture on skin another 5 minutes while performing hand/arm massage with Vitamin Hand Lotion.
• Apply Gel Starter Peel (one layer for sensitive clients, two for all others).
• Pour appropriate level (I, II or III) Genesis Peel into dram cup and apply over entire face (contact time varies with level). Remove with wet cotton pads.
• Place Delicate Balance Toner-saturated Face Lift Gauze flat over client’s face. Combine Face Lift Mask Part I Powder and Face Lift Mask Part II Activator Gel quickly, and apply on top of wet Face Lift Gauze, using downward strokes (start at the center of the face). Leave on to set.
• Perform a scalp massage.
• Remove mask, wiping away remaining product with Delicate Balance Toner-infused gauze. If needed, cleanse with Pure and Gentle Cleanser.
• Apply Sea Serum Professional, VITal B Hydrogel, Pure C Glow Microgel and Aerobic Lift Mask Professional; massage mixture into skin.
• Apply End of Line Eye Care, and Deep Sea Serum to lips.

Why Clients Love It: “The results are immediate and dramatic; clients always comment that their skin has never looked so good!” enthuses Karen Adjmi, co-owner of Earthsavers Relaxation Spa + Store. “Thanks to the healing properties of seaweed peptides, this facial offers a balance between the healing and peeling.”