Attracting Mr. Right

Clint Eastwood
Hulton Archive/Getty Images


This guy still holds onto the stereotype that spa-going just isn’t “manly”—he tends to avoid the perception that he’s preoccupied with self-care. He’s also often physically active.

What’s the best way to market to this client?
Trent: Bury the spa jargon.
Lowman: Stay away from adjectives such as “relaxing, gentle, serene and heavenly.” Focus on the therapeutic benefits of your treatments and promote retail products that treat specific concerns—never settle for a female product that is simply repackaged for men.
Fata: This guy is all about word-of-mouth. If he knows other guys are out there doing it—especially those who travel in his circle—he will be more open to coming in.
Trent: Talk to him about his aches, pains, scratches and bruises.

What about ambiance?
Fata: The space needs to appeal to him visually. Create a comfortable environment with leather chairs and sports on TV.
Trent: Classic man caves.

What services catch his fancy?
Trent: Healing, pain-relieving services.
Bordeaux-Johlfs: Fitness and recovery treatments.
Lowman: We offer a Realigning Sports Massage that appeals to this rugged man by alleviating muscle soreness, aches and pains, and increasing circulation to heal minor soft tissue injuries. It’s a deep-tissue treatment, perfect for pre- and post- physical activities.

What does he want in a service provider?
Bordeaux-Johlfs: A highly skilled therapist. Most of these men are now realizing that some of the best therapists for them are other men, simply due to their size and strength.
Kelley: These guys don’t care so much about refreshments and amenities—they focus on staff expertise and end results.

How deep is he willing to dig into his wallet at the spa?
Fata: He may be hesitant to spend a lot in the beginning, but as you gain his trust, he’ll be willing to spend more.
Trent: He’ll reward a job done well.

Any sure ways of generating buzz among his peers?
Fata: Market at your local gym and/or sporting events. Once your spa catches on with this crowd, this rugged guy will feel more comfortable coming in.
Trent: Mention that another “tough guy” was in for the same treatment the week before.

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