Attracting Mr. Right

Paul Newman
John Kobal Foundation/Getty Images


Confident in his appearance, he may seem like a natural part of the spa-scape, but wrangling this well-dressed and looks-focused type can be harder than you imagine: He often thinks he doesn’t need to try! Once you snag him though, he’ll likely become one of your most consistent clients.

What grabs him?
Lowman: Results-driven treatments that offer immediate, visual results. Make sure to recommend grooming products, too.
Fata: Pay attention to detail. This will set you apart in his “pretty” eyes.

What does he look for in a spa?
Trent: Anything that makes him feel even better about himself. Talk to his ego!
Kelley: The Pretty Boy appreciates the ambiance and the end result, so make sure yours is a really clean spa with a knowledgeable staff.

Which menu items will appeal to him?
Trent: Focus on the face.
Kelley: This pretty boy needs to keep it clean, so highlight full-body waxing and laser hair removal services.

How do you keep him coming back on a regular basis?
Trent: Personalized emails.
Bordeaux-Johlfs: Packages—they love multiple services.

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