Green Within Reach

green leaf footprint

Many spa owners may think, “I’d love to go green, but I can’t afford to revamp my entire operation!” With the costs associated with overhauling water systems, appliances, services and operating procedures, an owner can easily throw up her hands and resign herself to the status quo. But the truth is, there are many ways to join the green movement that require levels of commitment and financial investment that are well within your reach. Getting involved with an existing event in your neighborhood, or planning your own event or initiative, are simple ways to express an environmentally friendly ethos and simultaneously move your spa’s
name front and center in your community.

DAYSPA checked in with five spa owners across the country who are using simple outreach methods to better their businesses, communities and planet. You may be surprised to hear how naturally they were able to embrace eco-activism—without disturbing their businesses’ profit margins.