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Evo Spa

While some mothers and their adult daughters might blanch at the idea of sharing the same roof, let alone a business, Gail Ann and her daughter Neka Pasquale have not only figured out how to pool their strengths, they’ve turned their family-run Evo Spa, a 2,665-square-foot spa and wellness center in Northern California, into a thriving local oasis.

Evo Spa, nestled in the quaint Strawberry Village open-air mall in Mill Valley, California, opened its doors in April 2004 with the vision of offering a plethora of wellness services—including acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine—along with more mainstream spa offerings such as waxing, facials, massage and body treatments.

In fact, when DAYSPA first profiled Evo in February 2006, the spa owners were just starting to delve into a full array of wellness programs.

Today, Evo offers a wildly popular line of cleanses, detoxification programs and nutritional offerings. It also brims with extra perks such as Bio-Mats (devices originally developed by NASA that employ far-infrared, negative-ion therapy and amethyst quartz crystals) on all of the massage tables, a Hydro-Heaven chromatherapy bed (an antigravity, dry hydrotherapy bed from Italy) and a Quantum Biofeedback machine that helps pinpoint energetic imbalances in the body.

“I try everything personally and if it meets my high standards, only then do I consider bringing it into the spa,” says Ann, a licensed esthetician. “We’re not into fluff or the flavor-of-the-month. Our focus is on creating and supporting beauty from the inside out and this has been our philosophy from the start.”

Just getting to that starting line, however, took on an evolution of its own. —Amelia Glynn