Attracting Mr. Right

image of opening design from Dayspa May
Opening Spread from Dayspa Magazine 5/12, pages 34-35

On a grand scale, all men might be created equal, but when it comes to spa-going sirs, there is more diversity among clients than ever before. Gone are the days of serving the occasional husband or boyfriend who’s been dragged to the spa for a special occasion. Nowadays, men are hitting up the spa in droves, turning to professionals for their grooming, waxing and relaxation needs.

But treating all of these clients the same—or expecting them to want similar things—would be a vital mistake for spa owners. So, we grilled five experts, from consultants and educators to seasoned spa and salon owners, about the best ways to market and cater to six unique male prototypes. For fun, we’ve looked to the stars to help drive home our point. Now, let’s talk about these boys...

Our Panel:
Jay Fata, educator for Eufora HERO for Men and owner of Valor Men’s Grooming

Suzy Bordeaux-Johlfs, director at The Spa at Silverado in Napa Valley

Tom Kelley, director of operations at Nickel Spa in New York City

Tyra Lowman, senior director, global spas, full service and luxury brands, Hilton Worldwide

Nancy Trent, president of Trent & Company Inc.