SpaRitual founder Shel Pink (second from right) poses with employees who came out to cheer her on during the speech.

Shel Pink, founder of SpaRitual, enlightened wellness enthusiasts and Pharmaca shoppers with her “Slow Beauty” philosophy, which she explained during a free, evening speech at the store’s Pacific Palisades, California, location on August 9.

Attendees received gift bags featuring recent SpaRitual releases, and learned more about the healing rituals and Slow Beauty tenets Pink promotes to complement the company’s vegan and eco-friendly product line and intrinsically slow the aging process.

SpaRitual brought the Slow Beauty movement into the public eye with the launch of its Slow Beauty Blog earlier this year. It’s intended to inspire those mired in an increasingly fast-paced world to take a step back and more thoroughly care for themselves. This digital platform aims to inspire positive change via blog entries from activists, wellness professionals, artists and socially conscious entrepreneurs.

The blog, like the movement, is centered around seven outposts, or points in one’s life at which Slow Beauty philosophies can be instituted. They are: Spa Tradition, Mindful Consumption, Rituals, Renewal, Meditation, Self-Expression and a Nourished Mind.

At Pharmaca, Pink offered several examples of how individuals can embrace slow ideals to fulfill each of these outposts. (For example, Mindful Consumption can mean making decisions based on safer ingredients, Rituals can include adding abhyanga, Indian head massage, and tongue-scraping, to one’s at-home beauty regimen, and Self-Expression means making time during each day to honor a passion or creative outlet, thereby bringing more beauty into the world.)

Starting in 2013, the company plans to further its Slow Beauty agenda by organizing its existing products into categories according to each outpost, and launching some new items, too. —Katie O’Reilly

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