Which female Baby Boomer profile is your most loyal client?

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How come no one has mentioned

How come no one has mentioned the baby boomer called 'the uncooperative menopausal witch'. This is the baby boomer who imitates the way you laugh, mimics your hand gestures, snarles at your staff and threatens to trash you on line. When she's on the massage table and you have yet to enter the treatment room, she yells at you from the treatroom to "get a move on, and don't make wait for you to start the treatment." She also books appointments and cancels them the day before and does it again and again for months to see if she can get a rise out of you. She cranks up her cell phone and carries it into treatment rooms and lets it go off again and again. It's all a game of competition as she tries to make a fool out of a courageous younger business owner who took risks and tried to create a space for relaxation. She patronizes your beautiful youthful staff by saying uncalled for remarks like, "Hey Girlfriend! Wassup?" When you hand her a robe and slippers, she barks, "This is nonsense! The place I ususally go to doesn't need to give this stuff to me...I can just change in the room. I'm never coming back anyway...I only came because I have a gift certificate." What these ladies are looking for is a good fight. You have to sage your whole spa after they leave. Ugh. DAYSPA, please tell it like it is.
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