Green Tip

Keep Your Clients Cool

How to maintain your "chill" oasis as temperatures start to soar


image of opening design from Dayspa May


Attracting Mr. Right

The male client takes many forms. Let celeb icons guide you as you learn how to make every type of man fall for your spa.



Evaluating Homeopathy

Many have questioned its effectiveness, but homeopathy continues to find a place in homes, medical offices—and spas.



The Great Outdoors

Think eucalyptus, tea tree, evergreen and other “scents of a man!”


At Nite Spa in Southern California, clients unwind after a long day.


Night Moves

By keeping their doors open, these off-hour spas are shutting out the competition.


Winning Ways

Leading with the Heart

Raleigh’s Blue Water Spa makes big-time giving look easy.


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