Winning Ways

Hope Springs Eternal

How one New Mexico hot spot pays homage to its ancestral roots


Aqua Salon Owners and staff


Mane Mavens

Hair loss can be a devastating experience. The owners of Aqua Salon Spa are helping to reverse the trauma.



Spotlight On...Tipping

Do you include gratuity in the price of spa services?



Product Premiere

Romance clients with impressive new spa goods.



Smooth Operators

Help clients celebrate their silhouettes with this coterie of firming and contouring remedies.



Around The World with DAYSPA: Ayurveda

This ancient Indian system of healing still thrives in spas and wellness centers throughout the globe.


Green Tip

Become a "Local Hero!"

DIY tips for creating an indigenous spa menu



Team Power

Does your staff compete for profits? Show them how to generate business instead by boosting cross-promotion efforts in your spa.


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