Around The World with DAYSPA: Ayurveda

This ancient Indian system of healing still thrives in spas and wellness centers throughout the globe.


Green Tip

Become a "Local Hero!"

DIY tips for creating an indigenous spa menu



Team Power

Does your staff compete for profits? Show them how to generate business instead by boosting cross-promotion efforts in your spa.



Product Premiere

Introducing 2012's first crop of new spa goods!



Seeing Red

What exactly is inflammation—and why do spa therapists need to know about it?



DAYSPA's 2012 Top Honors Slideshow

Compiled by Alison Singh Gee, Linda Kossoff, Katie O’Reilly, Heather Wood Rudúlph, Katherine Stewart and Lisa Sweetingham



First Quarter Forecast 2012

A new 'transition year' calls for a back-to-basics business approach.


National Event leads health and wellness movement with its affordable $50 Treatm


Spa Week Offers Affordable Health & Wellness

The spa industry has been making services more diverse and wellness-focused than ever before, offering more programs and incentives for consumers to lead healthier, happier lives. Now, Spa Week is mak


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