Spa Wellness: The Tea House Spa

Nestled in Santa Cruz, California, Tea House Spa offers peace and tranquility to all who walk through its doors.


Sticky Situations

Sticky Situation: The Early Bird

How do you accommodate clients that arrive a bit too early?



Spa RECIPES: Mango Coconut Salsa from TusCa in Monterey, California

Cool off from the summer heat with this fresh and light treat.


Winning Ways

Spa Giving: Spa for Trauma Survivors

What happens when a promising young beauty pro devotes her career to trauma survivors?



Spa Treatments: Tech-Busting Services

Savvy spas embrace innovative treatment methods to combat those technology-related maladies cropping up among today’s über-connected clients.



Win Free Skin Brighteners!

Help clients achieve lustrous complexions with these transformative potions.



Spa Management: Disability Accessibility

Providing accessibility for disabled clients isn’t just the law—it’s also a life-changer.


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