Nitespa’s Spa Mama Mobile Services are perfect for Mother’s Day.

Mother’s Day is just around the corner. If you offer the perfect services to pamper mom and make her feel special, don’t be afraid to take a creative approach to promoting this major spa holiday.

Nitespa in Venice, California, aptly demonstrates how to provide a unique experience for new moms. To satisfy the ever-growing demand for services just before and just after giving birth, Nitespa has created its Spa Mama Mobile Services—a menu of treatments designed exclusively for about-to-be and newly minted moms. But the real inspiration came from Nitespa owner Julia Martin herself.

“I had just come home from the hospital and finally put my feet up when my amazing staff showed up at my door,” says Martin. “A facial, a pedicure, a brow wax…everything I really wanted to make me feel (and look) a little less stressed—it was such a gift. And it dawned on me that every woman must want just this— relaxing, in home beauty treatments after the physical labor is over.”

With that revelation behind her, Martin developed Spa Mama Mobile offering VIP spa services and menus dedicated to serving both new moms at home as well as moms-on-the-go in general. Spa Mama Mobile treatments include massages, facials, waxing treatments and manicures/pedicures. For instance, massages on the Spa Mama Mobile Menu such as the Baby Momma Drama, Rock-a-Bye Baby and the Monster in Law offer a relaxing way for moms to unwind and de-stress. Facials including Mother’s Day Everyday, Modern Mama and Mama Knows Best leave these deserving clients glowing.

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