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Beauty Launchpad editor Molly Kossoff at the Tony&Guy Academy

Toni&Guy rolled out the red carpet for beauty editors and bloggers on April 3 at the Academy and Salons' gorgeously chic facility in Santa Monica, CA, for a Spring/Summer Beauty Forecast “pamper party.” Guests were treated to complimentary blowouts, makeup applications, brow shaping, lash extensions and even skin treatments (thanks to event co-sponsor Dermalogica), in between sips of champagne and nibbles of chocolate-covered strawberries.

EveryBody Deserves a Massage Week is July 14-20

 Everybody Deserves a Massage Week is July 14-20

Associated Bodywork & Massage Professionals (ABMP) will celebrate its award-winning, 19th annual EveryBody Deserves a Massage Week from Sunday, July 14, through Saturday, July 20. ABMP members nationwide are invited to hold grassroots events in their communities, including offering massage to those who may not normally experience massage therapy. The national event is designed to promote massage therapists as they benefit their communities.

Materials and supplies for 2013 are now available at no cost to massage therapists. ABMP members can access customizable materials online by logging in to It’s easy to create professional-looking posters, banners, and postcards that can be quickly personalized and printed. Members can also borrow a 6-foot by 3-foot color vinyl banner from ABMP; a deposit is required and the order deadline is July 1. Members can order a sample packet of materials by calling 877-208-7546 and leaving their contact and mailing information.

To learn more, visit

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Dermalogica Unveils New U.S. Website

Visit to check out the new U.S. website!

Dermalogica announces the launch of a new and improved for the U.S. market, developed to bring the brand’s hallmarks of education and professional skin care consultation within a mouse-click.

The new site emphasizes Dermalogica’s diagnostic and prescriptive skin analysis techniques as the basis for retail purchases. The brand’s “tribal” community continues to raise the bar in terms of demand for product knowledge and at-home protocols, requiring a constant re-tooling of the 25-year old brand’s web presence.

Key features include visual education about common skin conditions through video demonstrations and animations, and access to scientific articles written by Dermalogica’s team of experts. The site’s new store-locator feature introduces new customers encountering Dermalogica for the first time to the brand’s core experiences: Face Mapping, treatments and prescriptive product sampling.

Shopping will also be made easier with an advanced product directory which filters and sorts selections for more effective purchasing, as well as customer support through live chat, wish-lists and smart site-search. The site also offers full social media integration for easy posting of Facebook “likes”, Pinterest and other social media sharing, updated product ratings, reviews and interactive Q&A areas, and a streamlined, secure, two-step checkout process. In addition, a decentralized fulfillment system now utilizes two warehouses to fill and ship orders based on zip code, so that customers receive their products even faster.

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Pevonia Announces New Social Media Channels Dedicated for Skincare Professionals

Pevonia has unveiled three new social media channels—PevoniaPro Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

In the wake of the successful, Summer 2012 launch of, spa pros' go-to resource for all of Pevonia’s professional services and products, Pevonia has announced three new social media channels—PevoniaPro Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

These channels offer updates on the newest Pevonia spa treatments and products, as well as trade PR announcements, giveaways, industry news and behind-the-scenes imagery from Pevonia’s professional educational classes held around the world.

While the skincare leader has been active on a variety of social media sites over the years, their preexisting channels primarily targeted the consumer market. As the first company to develop the first-ever skincare line available exclusively to elite spas and professionals, Pevonia has decided to similarly target its social media efforts. These new channels are also expected to drive traffic to

Posts are available daily and industry professionals, students, and estheticians are invited to follow these pages and share content with colleagues in the industry.

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On Meditation Documentary Launches Kickstarter Campaign

Actor Giancarlo Esposito is among the many public figures featured in On Meditation.

Snapdragon Films has announced the launch of a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for the completion of a feature-length film about the practice of meditation. On Meditation: Documenting the Inner Journey is a series of short portraits which, to date, feature Buddhist Monk The Venerable Metteya, yoga superstar Elena Brower, two-time national book award-winning author Peter Matthiessen, actor Giancarlo Esposito (of Breaking Bad fame) and Congressman Tim Ryan, author of A Mindful Nation. Funds will allow the filmmakers to continue shooting in order to create a full-length work. For every advance DVD backed on Kickstarter, a copy will be donated to a school or institution serving at-risk youth, veterans or seniors.

The brainchild of award-winning filmmaker Rebecca Dreyfus, On Meditation was born from her own trepidation experienced in beginning her own meditation practice. “For a high-energy New Yorker like me, sitting quietly can be the most challenging thing you ever do,” says Dreyfus. “We offer a glimpse into the mysteries of the inner journey by sharing the private insights and rituals of the extraordinary people featured in On Meditation. Our aim is to make meditation both more accessible and less simplistic."

When Dreyfus first approached her producer, Susannah Ludwig, with the idea for the film, her response was, “You want to shoot people sitting around with their eyes closed doing nothing?” They both came to realize, however, that meditators are communing with the mystery of life and attempting to make peace with it. “There is a kind of beautiful tension in that,” Dreyfus says. The goal of On Meditation to make meditation more mainstream by showcasing accomplished people receiving tremendous benefits from their consistent spiritual practice.

“Meditation has helped me re-map my brain and know my highest self,” says Elena Brower. Brower was so impressed with the project that she became an Executive Producer. “We wanted to bring people into a world they normally wouldn’t have access to,” says Dreyfus. “All our meditators share in common the need to find something in their lives that will offer them a richer connection to themselves, and a way to transcend the daily trials that can trip us all up. Meditation has a powerful impact on those who practice but also on the world around them. We believe if more people meditated the world would be a better place.”

Kickstarter funds will be used to complete post-production on the first five portraits, and then be channeled toward five more segments. Following this, portraits will be filmed featuring the likes of famed Hollywood Director David Lynch and bestselling author Gabrielle Bernstein, among other public figures. The On Meditation project will only be funded if $50,000 is pledged by Friday Apr 19, 12:00pm EDT. Click here to become part of this amazing project.

The Oaks at Ojai Spa's Legendary Sheila Cluff Releases Autobiography

Cluff hopes to inspire others with pioneering spirit, spunk and will-do attitude!

Sheila Cluff, fitness expert and founder of Southern California's iconic The Oaks at Ojai health and fitness destination spa, comes forth with her life story in “Living Your Dream.”

Cluff’s life and career have been marked by boundless creativity, passion and perseverance, and throughout the book she candidly relates her experiences of triumph and tragedy.“Whether readers are nine or 90, my hope is that this autobiography will enable them to channel the universal language of dreams, sacrifice and family,” promises Cluff, 76.

In the ’50s, long before the fitness industry came up with the term “aerobics,” she drew from her choreography as a professional ice skater to create cardiovascular dance, adding a spark of fun to exercise. In the ’70s when those seeking to lose weight on vacation had little choice but to trudge off to daunting weight-loss retreats, she developed a contemporary spa that combined luxurious European body treatments with exciting exercise and healthy, delicious food. Thus was born The Oaks at Ojai, which became renowned by many as one of the best destination spas in the country. In running her wellness facility, Cluff rejected the idea of subjecting guests to torturous deprivation. “I wanted neither a fat farm nor a beauty spa,” she writes, “but a place that focused on health and fitness, where people would come to enjoy themselves and not be ‘punished’ with exercise and diet food.”

Throughout the course of her career the tireless entrepreneur launched a second spa, The Palms in Palm Springs (which she later sold in 2004), hosted wellness TV programs on the NBC network and on KABC in Los Angeles, founded the Healthy Holidays travel company and conducted numerous speaking engagements. She also is one of the founding members of C200 (The Committee of 200), an organization of women entrepreneurs and high-level corporate executives, and was instrumental in creating the International Spa Association (ISPA), of which she was one of the first board members.

The autobiography is available for purchase on the The Oak's online store and Amazon.

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