Spa Uniform Design Contest: Win a $500 Gift Certificate

Get your sketchbook out! Put your great ideas to paper. It doesn't have to be perfect — Noel Asmar understands these drawings are from customers, not from fashion designers.

If you could design your own spa uniform, how would it look? Elaborate? Simple? Elegant? Create a drawing of your unique spa uniform design and you could win a $500 gift certificate toward the Noel Asmar group of companies.

Submit a hand drawn or computer generated picture of your drawing to The winner will be announced at the Noel Asmar Uniforms Booth at the 2012 ISPA Conference in Kissimmee, Florida.

Be sure to include a brief description of your design, your name, business (if applicable), phone number and email address. Contest ends October 15th, 2012.

[Image: Thinkstock/iStockphoto]


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