Spa News: World Spa and Wellness Awards 2013 Finalists

Hosted at the Hilton International, Park Lane London, UK, and set to take place on February 24, the World Spa and Wellness Awards are designed to raise awareness of the spa industry, and ultimately inspire dedicated spa professionals to strive to earn such prestigious awards.   
Finalist nominees will earn the recognition they deserve, and provide their businesses with increased credibility and a fresh stream of customers. Winners in a variety of categories will be announced at a lavish awards dinner at the Hilton International, Park Lane, London—in the heart of one of the world’s top destination cities.
The Awards canvass a number of geographical regions including Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Asia, Australia and North and South America. Each geographical region is eligible for three awards: Day Spa of the Year, Hotel Spa of the Year and Destination Spa of the Year.
In all classifications, a high level of service in all aspects of the business is essential. Entry to the awards is free, and judges consist of an independent panel of seven experts hailing from the relevant geographical areas. The judge lineup reads like a "Who’s Who" of the worldwide spa industry and includes renowned founders, presidents and CEOs of  companies such as the Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group, Linser & Partner Consulting, Mandara Spa, ASTECC (American Spa Therapy and Education Certification Council), Hilton Worldwide and Aspen Spa Management, among many others.
Shortlisted finalists in each category will be visited by both an official and a "mystery" judge (think secret shoppers). This vigorous process ensures the awards are completely fair and unbiased, making winning a World Spa & Wellness Award an indisputable achievement.
Note: Due to the high number and quality of entrants from Africa this year, the category previously known as "Middle East & Africa" has been separated into two distinct categories for this year's awards.

[Image: Hemera/Thinkstock]