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Universal Companies Unveils New Website

Spa supplier Universal Companies helps spas build business with a brand new website: Universal Companies Founder Marti Morenings recently announced the launch of the comprehensive spa industry online catalog and website featuring new products, services and educational and business opportunities. "Our Universal mission has always been to help our customers create new spa business opportunities, eliminate challenges and to simplify their lives through our annual Spa Resource Book," Morenings said. "Now our new website offers another avenue for our customers to change the way they do business. We continually search the world to offer the best professional spa brands and the latest innovations. I invite all spa professionals to explore our new website and visit us regularly for daily and weekly updates.”

Here are a few of the new features visitors will find on Universal Companies' website:

Online Catalog: Shop by category, brand, treatment, spa area, or product.

Business Solutions: Each season, new promotional ideas will help spas enhance service menus and create signature spa services. Business solutions are also available online in the bimonthly newsletter. Customers can participate in Universal Companies’ social network and online community.

Universal Brands: Add new spa brands and products with Universal Companies’ V.I.P. Brand Support Program. Featured brands include Control Corrective Skincare Systems, Alchimie Forever skin care, Spa Pantry, Akhassa body care, ESS Aromatherapy, Farmaesthetics fine herbal skin care, Ritual Alami artisan body therapies, Pures-ssage massage products, Plum Smooth waxing products and Eco-fin paraffin alternative.

Educational Opportunities: Universal helps spa professionals earn Continuing Education Units with a broad range of options to provide convenient low-cost CEU courses to take online, as well as at many national beauty industry trade shows. New books, advanced training materials and professional technical manuals are also available online.

Sales support teams are available from Monday through Friday at 8 AM to 9 PM EST and on Saturdays from 9:30 AM to 5 PM EST at 800-558-5571. For more information, contact the Universal team today or visit

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TerraCycle Offers Spas Free Recycling Program

A busy day at a salon can result in bags of non-recyclable garbage from a full day of haircuts, coloring, nail services and spa procedures. Becoming more environmentally-friendly is on the minds of many spa and salon owners as they rethink what they throw away and how they operate. TerraCycle offers a free recycling program called the Personal Care and Beauty Brigade to help salons and spas move toward more eco-friendly waste management practices.

With the Personal Care and Beauty Brigade program, difficult-to-recycle packaging such as hair color tubes (including aluminum tubes), hair care product containers, skin cream tubes, cosmetics packaging and any other plastics or tubes can now be recycled—regardless of brand. TerraCycle, in partnership with Garnier, awards two points for each package received, which can be put toward buying a charity gift or converted to money and given to a charity. Collected packaging is turned into plastic items such as park benches, recycling bins and plastic lumber. 
"My goal from the beginning was to create a salon with strong eco-responsibility in its DNA," said Barbara Weigand, owner of Copper River Salon in Princeton, New Jersey. “I recycle and compost at home, so why wouldn't I look for ways to do that at work, where I'm always running water, using electricity, and discarding chemicals and plastic all day long?”
TerraCycle CEO Tom Szaky says he hopes more spas and salons follow Weigand’s recycling efforts. “This is a great opportunity for them to earn money for a charity and have this packaging become a resource instead of garbage. More salons and spas are using natural or organic products that are better for their customers and better for the planet. A natural next step is reducing waste.”
TerraCycle collects more than 40 different kinds of products and packaging through its Brigade programs. It has already kept more than two billion pieces of trash from going to the landfill and, with its partners, dispersed almost $3 million to charity.

To sign up for the Personal Care and Beauty Brigade visit

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Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts Announces First-Ever Global Spa Week 

Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts

This fall Four Seasons focuses on providing exclusive offers and social media experiences, including the first-ever global Four Seasons Spa Week and a partnership with American Express. This program will be shared both online and on-site through an expert panel called "Curators of Calm." The Curators of Calm will share their insights on latest industry developments, spa trends and more on Twitter, Facebook and Foursquare. Beginning immediately, guests who check into Four Seasons spas on Foursquare will receive spa tips from those properties and the Curators of Calm.
In addition, Four Seasons will host Four Seasons Spa Week (#FSspa) on Twitter and in spas around the world, Nov. 14 – 18, 2011. A series of Twitter chats led by the Curators of Calm will be hosted throughout the course of the week and will center around industry trends in categories such as aging gracefully and the growing male spa segment.
“We are thrilled to share the passion and expertise from our spa experts from around the world with spa enthusiasts in new and engaging ways this fall,” says Christopher Norton, chair of the Four Seasons global spa task force and regional vice president and general manager of Four Seasons Hotel George V Paris. “Evolution is essential in spas, and our extensive specialized network provides a truly global perspective on the latest trends and innovations that shape the industry.”
#FSspa Week on Twitter
#FSspa Week offers unique opportunities for people around the world to digitally interact with Four Seasons Curators of Calm through daily Twitter chats featuring hosts and the Curators of Calm from select international properties. The #FSspa chat schedule and topics are as follows:
·         November 14 – 10:00 am EST – Aging Gracefully -- Europe/ Middle East hosted
·         November 15 – 3:00 pm EST – Just for Men -- The Americas hosted
·         November 16 – 10:00 pm EST – Art of Massage -- Asia Pacific hosted
·         November 17 – 5:00 pm EST – Need for Speed -- United States hosted
·         November 18 – 1:00 pm EST – Beyond Transformation -- United States hosted

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L’Oréal USA to Acquire Pacific Bioscience Laboratories Innovator of Clarisonic


L’Oréal USA and Pacific Bioscience Laboratories, Inc. (PBL) announced a signed merger agreement between L’Oréal USA and PBL. Established in 2001, PBL developed its patented technology, enabling a series of highly popular products under the Clarisonic brand that redefined consumers’ approach to skin care. These include the Clarisonic Classic, Clarisonic Mia, Clarisonic PLUS and PRO, and the Clarisonic Opal Sonic Infusion System. The merger, subject to the approval of PBL’s shareholders and other closing conditions, is expected to close in December, 2011. L’Oreal USA has received significant shareholder commitments to vote in favor of the acquisition, including Rosewood Capital and David Giuliani. PBL’s senior management team has committed to remain with L’Oréal USA to maintain the continuity of excellence.

PBL has grown rapidly since the Clarisonic launch in 2004. The company’s broad distribution network covers six diverse and interdependent channels: dermatologists and cosmetic surgeons, spas, prestige retail, e-tail, television shopping, and PBL has 300 employees and recently relocated to its new corporate headquarters and manufacturing facility in Redmond, Washington. This state-of-the-art facility significantly increases production capacity of Clarisonic products, currently sold throughout the US as well as in the UK, Australia, Mexico, Canada and the Far East.

“L’Oréal brings powerful marketing, distribution, and R&D synergy to the Clarisonic agenda,” said David Giuliani, CEO and co-founder of PBL. “L’Oréal shares our vision for ingenuity and dedication to quality. Combining forces, we’re confident Clarisonic will rapidly achieve its global mission, to provide the power to change the future of your skin.”

“This is a strategic acquisition for L’Oréal,” said Frédéric Rozé, President and CEO of L’Oréal USA. “Devices are rapidly emerging globally as an important new skin care category. Clarisonic is successful and the fast growing premium brand in this segment. We think that together with PBL, we will create in Redmond an outstanding center of innovation for L’Oréal. Upon closing of the transaction, the Clarisonic brand will join the portfolio of L’Oréal Luxe and benefit from its worldwide presence.”

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PBA Members Advocate for Salon-Friendly Legislation

More than a dozen PBA members and executives from beauty companies across the U.S. joined forces on Capitol Hill Thursday, October 13 for the 2011 PBA Lobby Day with the goal to speak with one voice and advocate for salon-friendly legislation on the federal level. The team, which included ICA members Scott Buchanan and Oliver Steinnagel, discussed the importance of the Small Business Tax Equalization and Compliance Act, commonly known as the FICA Tip Tax Credit, for the professional beauty industry.

Every salon/spa professional, including practitioners and salon/spa owners, is required by federal law to report tips as part of their income. Compliant beauty professionals not only report tip income but also pay the required FICA (social security and Medicare) taxes on those tips. This legislation has been at the top of PBA’s political agenda for several years and many advances have been made.

"Last year our Bill was introduced in both the House and Senate and it’s all because of the hard work and dedication of industry advocates," said Myra Irizarry, PBA Director of Government Affairs. "But this is only the beginning. There is still a lot of work to be done to get this legislation passed into law."

With economic recovery following the recession at the top of most politicians’ minds, the current political landscape offers several opportunities as well as setbacks to getting the FICA Tip Tax Bill passed.

"Not getting involved is handing over a check every year to the federal government for taxes on money that you, as the employer or business owner, did not earn, do not profit from and that you can’t use to grow your business," said Serena Chreky, PBA Government Affairs advocate and owner of Andre Chreky Salon in Washington, D.C.

The professional beauty industry is the second highest tipped industry in the U.S., just behind the restaurant industry. Congress has segmented the restaurant industry by allowing them since 1993 to claim a dollar-for-dollar FICA Tip Tax Credit on employee tip income. Salon and spa owners pay on average $11,000 in taxes per year on employee tip income, income that the owner doesn’t benefit from.

"This issue creates a trickle-up effect," said Joe Kendy, Sen. Vice President and General Counsel for Shiseido. "Everyone is affected, from students to stylists to salon owners, from the smallest distributor to the largest manufacturer."

Compliance is a responsibility under federal law. Every working professional is required to report their full income, including tips, whether they are a business owner, employee, or licensed contractor. Failing to correctly report full income undervalues Bureau of Labor and Statics reporting on the average cosmetology salary, which in turn lowers available federal loans for cosmetology students. It also reduces the potential to receive personal loans for large items such as vehicles, homes and small business loans. Additionally, under-reporting opens the door to IRS audits that could lead to legal action and thousands of dollars in IRS fines and legal fees.

"Because my team is compliant and reports their actual income, several of them have been able to secure large loans for cars and mortgages, including a 26-year-old stylist who just purchased her first home completely on her own," explained Tiffany Conway, owner of CoCo Cheveux Salon in Portland, Maine and a PBA Government Affairs advocate.

How to Get Involved:

• Join the PBA Grassroots Movement

• Sign On to PBA’s letter to Congress

• Stay Informed. Be a PBA Government Affairs Advocate

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Sherri Jessee to Provide Hair Services for Miss Virginia USA 2012 and Miss Virginia Teen USA 2012

Catherine Muldoon, Sherri Jessee, Elizabeth Coakley

Hair and makeup artist Sherri Jessee is now the preferred stylist for Miss Virginia USA 2012 and Miss Virginia Teen USA 2012. Sherri will be consulting with the winners and providing hair care products and services throughout their reign. In addition, Sherri created the hair and makeup looks for Miss Virginia USA Executive Director, Kim Nicewonder Johnson and Pageant Host, Lauren Barnette at the November 5 pageant.

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Luis Alvarez Receives First Annual Leo Passage Educator of the Year Award

Luis Alvarez, hairdresser, educator, photographer, entrepreneur and all-round Renaissance man, received the first annual Leo Passage Educator of the Year Award October 16, 2011 at Intercoiffure’s Fall Atelier in New York City. The award, established this year in memory of long-time Intercoiffure member Leo Passage, acknowledges the contributions of those ICA members who have made outstanding contributions to education.

“Luis Alvarez has worked tirelessly to improve hair professionals’ lives through education,” notes President Lois Christie. “As anyone who’s ever attended an Intercoiffure event knows, you always leave the classroom better equipped for your career.”

The Leo Passage Educator of the Year Award is part of President Lois Christie’s drive to revitalize Intercoiffure’s commitment to education. In 2011, she introduced the Rising Star Competitions, in which the top cosmetology schools in North America sent their best students to ICA’s Spring Symposium to compete. The 2012 Competitions will be directed by Vivienne Mackinder and sponsored by BSG.

Alvarez has been honored by Intercoiffure Mondial and was appointed Knight of the Ordre de la Chevalerie. Currently, Alvarez serves as VP of Creative and Education for Aquage, the company he co-founded with Dennis Lubin in 1998.

Leo Passage, 1936 – 2011, founded Pivot Point International, Inc. in 1962. “The Pivot Point educational vision has had a tremendous impact on students and professionals around the world,” says ICA President Lois Christie. “They not only revolutionized the theory of hair design education, but also expanded its influence by establishing the largest educational chain in the cosmetology industry.” 

Intercoiffure America/Canada recognized Pivot Point’s impact on the beauty industry in 2008 when the association awarded Leo and Robert Passage the coveted “Visionary of the Year” Award, in recognition of their revolutionary approach to hair design education and commitment to elevating the cosmetology industry through lifelong learning.

Veronica's in Malibu Hosts Operation Smile Premiere for "A Cure to War"

Veronica Skin and Body Care Center: Operation Smile Premiere

Director- Patrick Heaphy, Founder-Kathy Magee, Spokesperson-Roma Downey, Veronica Barton Schwartz, Actor & Narrator-Craig T. Nelson, Founder-Dr. Bill Magee

Veronica Skin and Body Care Center in Malibu, California hosted the Operation Smile Premiere for “A Cure to War,” narrated by Craig T. Nelson on September 21, 2011. The event was an inspirational tribute to the phenomenal organization that has contributed to restoring relations with Vietnam and helped so many children around the world keep smiling. Veronica commented, “I have a very strong affinity for Operation Smile and the work that they do. I was thrilled to make the connection to Craig T. Nelson who so graciously agreed to narrate this important documentary. We have held several fundraisers at our Spa and so many of our clients and friends have come out to support this organization because the work that they do is so meaningful and impressive.”

“A Cure to War” was directed and produced by Patrick Heaphy. Musicians David Palmer, Chuck Kentis and Tinh Mahoney provided an original score. The film uniquely weaves the stories of seven individuals, whose independent efforts would help to rebuild relations between Vietnam and the United States, recover the remains of soldiers lost in the Vietnam War, and bring smiles to tens of thousands of Vietnamese children and their families by providing access to free surgical healthcare.

For more information about Operation Smile’s global efforts, please visit

A screener of the film for media is available for viewing at

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Eminence Wins Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award

Attila and Boldijarre Koronczay

Attila and Boldijarre Koronczay

Congratulations to Éminence Organic Skin Care founders Attila and Boldijarre Koronczay for winning an Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year 2011 Award which honors the spirit and contribution of entrepreneurs around the world!

Close to 1,500 guests gathered at the Vancouver Convention Centre to honor the best and brightest entrepreneurs. Past winners of this prestigious award have included Guy Laliberté of Cirque du Soleil, Donald Triggs of Vincor International and John Mackey of Whole Foods Market. Amidst incredible competition, Attila and Boldijarre walked away with the Entrepreneurs of the Year award in the category of products and services.

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Lumos Instant Impact Bottom Coat Wins Best Base Coat at UK Elle Awards

DAYSPA congratulates Famous Names for winning Best Base Coat at the UK Elle Awards for Lumos Instant Impact Bottom Coat.

Linda Nordstrom, CEO and Founder of Famous Names, says, "We are blown away by the wonderful response from UK professional nail artists to our Lumos offerings. This is our very first award and hopefully one of many!"