Phytomer Honored with ISPA Innovate Award for Filtration Garden

The Phytomer filtration garden uses three tiers of indigenous plants which contain enzymes and bacteria that naturally filter and remove pollution from water.

Phytomer was honored with the ISPA Innovate Award by the International SPA Association (ISPA) at the 2013 ISPA Conference and Expo in Las Vegas. This award is given to spa industry leaders with innovative and successful spa-related initiatives. More than 400 votes were cast by the ISPA membership to determine the top ISPA Innovate winners. Lenette Casper, President of Phytomer Corporation in the United States accepted the award, given to the company for their filtration garden designed to responsibly treat waste water used in the manufacturing process. Phytomer is the first and only spa brand to utilize a filtration garden, leading the way in sustainable, eco-friendly practices.

Developed in 2007 at Phytomer Laboratories in Saint Malo, France, the filtration garden uses three tiers of indigenous plants which contain enzymes and bacteria that naturally filter and remove pollution from the water. Water waste is collected in tanks that are drained weekly into the filtration garden. The first level of the garden contains plants with large root systems able to capture and filter larger waste molecules. The second tier contains a variety of plants, some that capture the micro waste particles and others that transform pollutants into fertilizers. By the third week, water flows to the third tier which is planted with willow trees and other plants that consume large quantities of water. By this time, water is 100% purified and fully reclaimed.

This voluntary investment is a 100% natural process that produces 100% pure water, without the use of chemicals, preserving the ecosystem of the Brittany region. “The use of a filtration garden exemplifies Phytomer’s belief to never reinvent what nature has already perfected,” says Casper. “We are honored to receive this award as we continue advancements in our sustainability practices” Casper notes. In addition to Phytomer’s filtration garden, the company has also advanced its sustainability efforts with a high-sea macro-algae farming program, an in laboratory micro-algae cultivation program and has become a pioneer in marine biotechnology, a major breakthrough in skin care, which is one of the most sustainable methods of creating powerful, natural, results-oriented active ingredients.


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