Noel Asmar Uniforms To Dress New Salamander Resort & Spa

Noel Asmar Uniforms To Dress New Salamander Resort & Spa

Noel Asmar designed equestrian-inspired uniforms for the new Salamander Resort & Spa.

Noel Asmar Uniforms has been enlisted to dress the soon-to-open, luxurious Salamander Resort & Spa, with a uniform program designed specifically for the elegant Virginia countryside property. The equestrian-inspired uniforms include those from the brand’s internationally known spa line, as well as positions including bellmen, valet, doormen, concierges, hostesses, cocktail servers, bartenders, restaurant servers, housekeepers, as well as fitness, poolside and front desk attendants.

“We are honored to work with the Salamander team and develop a very special experience,” says founder Noel Asmar, "The designs are truly in line with our company as we are passionate about designing uniforms that celebrate those wearing them, and we are passionate about the equestrian lifestyle.”

Terri-Lee Dean, business development director at Noel Asmar, worked closely with Salamander’s executive team to facilitate the development and project management of the new program. The style reflects the uncompromising commitment to quality and excellence for which Johnson and the Salamander brand stand.

Borrowing from its ‘Asmar Equestrian’ line, the fashion design team--led by founder Noel Asmar and senior designer Mena Lucas--combined clever uniform designs with equestrian elements. Using her extensive knowledge of a hotel property’s needs, Noel Asmar’s Brigitte Rhu was able to create a program of custom and ready-to-wear uniforms that perfectly suited Salamander’s needs.

Opening on August 29, Salamander Resort & Spa is a 168-room luxury resort set on 340 acres amid Virginia’s famed horse country and lush vineyards. Amenities include a luxurious spa with private courtyard and infinity pool, fine dining, a cooking studio, wine bar, and numerous conference and event facilities, including a 5,000-square-foot grand ballroom and a restored, century-old stallion barn.

[Image courtesy of Noel Asmar]


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These designs were a complete

These designs were a complete copy and ripoff of another design firm.