The (Newly Widespread) Gift of Spa and Wellness

Spa gift cards are going mainstream this holiday season! Thanks to a partnership announced today between Spa Week Media Group and Incomm, the world's largest distributor of gift cards, major retailers Target, Sam's Club, CVS and Rite Aid will soon carry the exclusive Spa and Wellness Gift Card (pictured) in more than 18,000 locations nationwide.

Target, Sam's Club and Rite Aid will carry the cards in denominations of $25 and $50. At CVS, an exclusive variable load option will allow purchasers to put $25 to $500 on cards. They can be used at more than 4,000 participating spas anytime, not just during Spa Week, and won't ever expire. Card recipients can visit and search participating spas by zip code, state or city.

The listing is free for all spa owners who are interested in participating. Just visit Spa Week's website, fill out a contact form and a company representative will get you signed up and listed, usually within 24 hours!