The New SpaBoom Needs a New Image

SpaBoom hosts a design contest for their new look and feel.

SpaBoom, the company that brought instant online gift certificates to the industry, and which recently launched their custom marketing system, now wishes to rebrand with the help of clients and friends. They're hosting a contest for their new look and feel, and are posting new website designs for their Facebook audience to comment on/vote. The company is also running a SpaBoom Makeover Sweepstakes to help encourage participation in the process. The contest will end on November 30, 2012 with an announcement of the chosen design and Sweepstakes winner.

“We're ready for a bold new look and feel that epitomizes our powerful technology and reflects our passion for this industry. We love engaging our clients and friends in this process, in fact it's totally fitting that we create an interactive rebrand, it's what we believe in,” said Bill Bice, Founder and CEO.

[Image: iStockphoto/Thinkstock]