The International Dermal Institute Introduces New Oncology Educational Series with Sharon Bell

The International Dermal Institute Introduces New Oncology Educational Series wi

Advanced skincare instructor Sharon Bell is slated to present "Introduction to Oncology Skin Care" at The International Dermal Institute's latest guest speaker event series.

Dermalogica's The International Dermal Institute , a leading educational resource for licensed skin therapists, breaks new ground with a series of Guest Speaker Evenings that will address care for clients who have been diagnosed with cancer of any form.

The traveling “Introduction to Oncology Skin Care” seminar will be presented by IDI Advanced Instructor Sharon Bell. Before joining IDI and launching her own private skincare practice three years ago, Bell worked as a social worker and teacher for 19 years. Her family's experience with cancer led her to become certified in Oncology Esthetics through Touch for Cancer, and she currently treats cancer patients and teaches at The International Dermal Institute in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

The purpose of “Introduction to Oncology Skin Care” is to help spa therapists develop specialized skills for the particular needs of clients living with cancer. The presentation canvasses cancer's psychological and emotional impacts for both therapist and client, as well as the many technical contraindications and considerations that arise concerning surgery, radiation, chemotherapy and steroids.

For instance, chemotherapy typically thins and sensitizes the skin, which commonly results in darkened melanin. Radiation patients are at increased risk for developing shingles; this occurs when a dormant chicken pox virus is activated as the immune system becomes compromised.

Medical opinions vary as to which skincare product ingredients are safest in the aftermath of cancer. Further complicating the matter is the social exclusion many cancer patients experience, not to mention obvious signs of its treatment, such as hair loss.

However, “The genius of professional skin care is that the power of human touch is transcendent,” says Annet King, director of global education for IDI. “People with cancer often feel isolated, and their contact with the larger world may diminish. The mission of this new educational series is to enlighten and train professional skin therapists to treat the whole person, not simply the skin. In the context of a life-threatening disease, this level of engagement and connection with a skilled and compassionate skincare professional may be a profoundly healing pathway.”

The next “Introduction to Oncology Skin Care” Guest Speaker Evening event will take place on April 8 in Houston, Texas. For more information, visit

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