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Spa News: Nailcare Academy Launches Online Footcare Nail Technician Program

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The new program will provide technicians with the advanced information needed for working successfully with a physician or podiatrist.

Nailcare Academy, home of the Advanced Nail Technician Program, recently announced their new online Footcare Nail Technician Program (FNT), a certificate program that will allow nail technicians to work in a medical setting. The program also contains important information for the salon-based Advanced Nail Technician Program graduate who wishes to develop a solid referral relationship with a physician or just wants advanced education to enhance his or her background.

The FNT Program doesn't shy away from the realities today's nail technicians face, and instructs students of the program in how to counter the negatives and enhance the positives on a day-to-day basis. Upon completing the ten modules and passing the exam, graduates will obtain a certification as a Certified Footcare Nail Technician (CFNT) - no internship is required. “However, if technicians wish to pursue working in the medical field, we highly recommend they pursue the additional Internship,” says Karen Hodges, co-owner of Nailcare Academy. “The internship is 40 hours in a medical office and at the end, the technician receives the Nailcare Academy Aseptic Footcare Specialist Internship Certificate (CAFS) to demonstrate to the patients and physicians their qualifications to work on chronically ill persons.“

The FNT Program is structured so that nail technicians who never intended to work in a medical office or who could not find an internship can still advanced training and certification to verify their level of knowledge to their clients. “It is very important to us to provide this verification for these technicians who worked hard to gain new knowledge,” says Janet McCormick, co-owner of Nailcare Academy.

“Certificates that visibly verify advanced education to clients are great tools to market higher knowledge and advanced skills to potential new clients,” says McCormick. “Being positively different – in this case, being trained to perform safe services on skeptical clients and chronically ill clients – can mean a much higher level of success for these technicians.” Times have changed, McCormick adds. “Just being a good nail artist is not enough to set a nail technician or salon apart from the crowd of competing low-cost salons. This training takes their income to new and higher levels.”

The Footcare Nail Technician and Advanced Nail Technician programs are online at

Spa News: KEVIN.MURPHY & Green Circle Salons Support Salon and Spa Sustainability

Image: Offiikart/Wikimedia Commons

Haircare brand KEVIN.MURPHY is partnering with sustainability leader Green Circle Salons to help salons and spa reduce their environmental impact through sustainable waste management.

KEVIN.MURPHY, an industry haircare leader, has partnered with Green Circle Salons, an organization that provides sustainable waste management for salons and spas, in order to help reduce the overall environmental impact of beauty businesses. Together, KEVIN.MURPHY and Green Circle Salons will teach beauty professionals and salon owners methods for becoming more sustainable, healthy, and profitable.

“It was love at first sight, literally – the first slide of Green Circle’s presentation discussed leaving no waste behind,” said KEVIN.MURPHY stylist and founder Kevin Murphy. “With unique initiatives like using hair to help clean up oil spills and turning color tubes and color waste into clean energy, Green Circle truly exemplifies our brand’s key messaging of ‘the choices we make’ and how they affect the environment.”

Green Circle, a collection of salons that send everyday byproducts like hair clippings, aluminum foils, color tubes and applicators for reuse and recycling, diverted more than 350,000 pounds of waste from landfills and waterways in 2014 alone. The Green Circle Salons program is exclusively dedicated to the salon/spa industry and features a fourfold strategy: be green, build revenue, save money, gain clients. “At Green Circle Salons, our mission is to create a sustainable beauty industry by 2020, so we could not be happier about partnering with KEVIN.MURPHY,” says Shane Price, CEO and Founder of Green Circle Salons.

Through the partnership, KEVIN.MURPHY will work with salons and their stylists to show how commitment combined with minimal effort can have a huge effect on the industry as a whole. Participating salons can expect to achieve 85%-95% waste diversion overnight.

“What do you do when a company like Green Circle Salons approaches you, offering to help your salon and customers do their part to contribute to a sustainable beauty industry?” says Rob Malone, co-owner of Oiseau Salon. “You say, ‘Where do I sign?’ The program allows us to help lower our impact on the environment and take direct responsibility for how much of a footprint we leave behind.”

KEVIN.MURPHY offers products that are both of the highest natural quality and environmentally ethical. When searching the world for ingredients, the brand looks for companies using micro-cultivation, organic growing practices or ecologically-sound wild harvesting techniques to ensure that the KEVIN.MURPHY range meets these standards.

For more information on how to get involved with Green Circle Salons, visit or

Spa News: July 24th is National Tequila Day, but Beware of "Lime Disease"

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Dermatologist Dr. Howard Steinman warns margarita-lovers of potential skin discoloration caused by chemical reaction between lime and sunlight.

July 24th is National Tequila Day, and while many people may choose to celebrate with a margarita, Dr. Howard Steinman, a dermatologist with DermOne Dermatology Centers, has a sour warning if sipped outside - skin discoloration that some are dubbing "Lime Disease,” correctly called Phytophotodermatitis by doctors.

Phytophotodermatitis is an inflammation of the skin caused by a chemical reaction between photosensitizing compounds found in certain plants and foods – especially limes – and exposure to sunlight. Results can be a red, sometimes blistering, skin eruption that often causes strangely-shaped streaks and can even look like a sunburn. The rash can then turn dark brown which can last for months if not treated.

Dr. Steinman explains, “It is common to see cases of lime-causing rashes during the summer season. I’ve seen cases of skin discoloration on wrists, face, neck and chests from tequila shots, where the drinkers squeezed limes while outside, and the juice dribbled on their skin. It is also seen in children and adults who pick fresh limes and then make lime juice. Because this is a reaction from the lime juice coming in contact with the skin during sun exposure, it can often leave unique patterns unlike rashes or a typical sunburn.”

The best prevention is not to cut or squeeze limes while making or drinking margaritas and other lime-ingredient beverages in the sun. Immediately washing hands and body parts that had direct contact with the limes can also prevent the rash. Sunscreen is not a preventative solution for this "Lime Disease" although proper usage of sunscreen is always encouraged to help prevent skin cancer.

Visit a board-certified dermatologist if you have handled limes in the sun and are experiencing Phytophotodermatitis symptoms. Treatment of the initial rash is with cortisone-based creams and antihistamine medications. The brown discoloration can be treated with sun protection, fading creams and camouflage makeup.

Spa News: GSN Announces Simon Robinson as Keynote Speaker at GSN Congress

Image courtesy of GSN

Global sustainability thought leader Simon Robinson will address industry leaders at this year's Green Spa Network Congress.

The Green Spa Network (GSN) has announced that Simon Robinson, a leader in global sustainability, will serve as a keynote speaker at this year's 8th annual GSN Congress, to be held September 26-30, 2015 at Tenaya Lodge, CA. With the theme of "Positive Change" in mind, the 2015 Congress will aim to inspire spa owners and industry professionals to explore new territory and make a difference in their businesses, communities, and the world. As one of this year's speakers, Robinson will teach attendees about sustainability, wellness and organizational transformation.

Alongside such colleagues as Fritjof Capra and Gunther Sonnenfeld, Robinson has acted as a world leader in sustainable thinking with a deep respect for the role that personal vitality plays in supporting a vital planet. Robinson, along with his wife Maria Moraes Robinson, co-authored the award-winning book, Holonomics, Business Where People and Planet Matter, and have been supporting groups across the globe to catalyze positive change towards a sustainable future.

“What I am really looking forward to is the fact that this congress brings together so many people from absolutely every part of the spa industry,” says Robinson. “There are some really exciting ways in which we spas can evolve, and which I have been discussing with the network already, but of course these seeds will grow and flourish once we start to go deep into the envisioning process with each and every participant.”

Robinson's recent international speaking engagements include TEDx, Sustainable Brands, London & San Diego, the GSM World Congress, Cannes, Nokia World Congress, Mobile Internet & Strategy Execution Summit.

For information and to attend the event, please visit

Spa News: Cuccio Colour Hosts Training Session in Hong Kong

Image courtesy of 116 Media

The first training in 10 years, the educational event trained existing Hong Kong educators on Cuccio's latest LED gel technology.

On June 16, 2015, Cuccio Colour held a training session in Hong Kong under the instruction of Jacqueline Yeung, business development director for Asia. The first training session in ten years, the educational event was attended by 30 existing educators who were introduced to the T3 LED Controlled Leveling Gel, Veneer Flat Art Painting, Veneer 3D Design Technique as well as given advice on how to choose the best LED Lamp and how to make more money with these products in salon services.

Says Yeung, "Hong Kong is one of the fastest lifestyle cities in the world, similar to New York, Singapore, and Tokyo. People in Hong Kong tend to want things fast and faster. In the past 10 years, most people in the nail industry are rushing to make money, and they only focus on making money everyday; you can see that there aren’t any classes that have more than 15 people because they don't want to spend their time for something that they might not be able to use in their salon work. We are so glad that we had 30 people join us at this training session, as this is our first step to establish our education system in Hong Kong. The reason why this group can be successful is because most of the big brands like OPI and Essie have been sold. Cuccio is committed to working only with professionals, and they know that we are all salon-centered when we invented our products. Secondly, when our Exclusive Distributor Nailtech Professional HK Limited set up this session with me, we decided to focus on what they need: salon useful information and technique. These are the reasons why we are successful, of course, we all have faith in our mind. Mr. Cuccio always tells us, "Why not? You never try, you never know!", so we tried and it turned out great! This is the most important encouragement that we have and we did it."

Says Tony Cuccio, "“Our LED gel is the hottest product out there so we wanted to be sure [our educators] were all trained on the latest technology. We hope they took away complete understanding of the new product, that they know how to work with it and that they take advantage of a nail that can be made quickly and dries in 55 seconds."

Spa News: Grand Velas Riviera Nayarit Offers New Marine Adventure Massage for Kids

Image courtesy of KWE Partners

The spa at Grand Velas Riviera Nayarit, a leading all-inclusive resort in Mexico, will offer the new Marine Adventure Massage for kids this summer.

Young guests between the ages of four to twelve at Mexico's Grand Velas Riviera Nayarit spa will have the opportunity to dive into a magical, marine experience this summer with the new Marine Adventure Massage. Set right on the resort's pristine beach, the pop-up Marine Kids' Spa Cabana is decorated with animated sea creatures and shells and offers the perfect location for the fun and relaxing 25-minute Marine Adventure Massage against a backdrop of beautiful ocean views and the sound of rolling waves.

The Marine Adventure Massage includes a stuffed octopus with soft tentacles to caress and soothe the body, an octopus scalp massage, sea-brush to remove excess sand, and special massage cream. Kids are also gifted a juice plus a secret surprise at the end of their treatment.

The Marine Adventure Massage for children ages 4-12 is available now through August 16th for $65 USD. Additional kids’ spa treatments available year-round at the Grand Velas Riviera Nayarit Spa include Pancho's Marble Massage, Tarzan and Jane Massage, Princess Massage and Flower Shower Massage.

For more information on spa specials, visit
For reservations or more information on Grand Velas Riviera Nayarit, please call 1-877-418-2722 or visit

Record-breaking Attendance for Cosmoprof North America 2015

This year's CPNA hosted nearly 1,000 exhibitors and 30,000 professionals.

The 13th annual Cosmoprof North America (CPNA) show, held July 12th through 14th at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Las Vegas, saw record-breaking attendance. Over 1,000 exhibitors from nearly 40 countries plus more than 30,000 beauty industry professionals gathered on the 252,908 square-foot trade show floor. This edition of the Las Vegas-based conference introduced revolutionary technologies and forward-thinking programs, helping the company to further its reputation as a leading B2B beauty trade show.

For more information about Cosmoprof North America, visit the extensive coverage from our sister magazine, Beauty Story Business.

Spa News: Meadowood Napa Valley Announces New Director of Spa and Wellness

Image courtesy of Meadowood Napa Valley

Michael Conte joins Meadowood Napa Valley as new Director of Spa and Wellness to head the opening of the new Meadowood Spa this fall.

Meadowood Napa Valley, a luxury resort and spa located in the heart of California's wine country, has announced that Michael Conte has joined the team as the new Director of Spa and Wellness. Conte will not only help create an elevated spa experience for the estate, but will also lead the opening team of the new 14,000-square-foot, all-suite Meadowood Spa anticipated to open this fall.

The new Meadowood Spa will have eight treatment suites, including six singles and two couples, each offering leafy, forested views and a spacious, private environment for treatments and complete relaxation. Under Conte’s team, each guest’s visit will begin with an in-depth conversation with a Spa Therapist, all of whom are trained in wellness coaching. The conversation will determine a curated treatment plan for each individual. The guest will then be escorted to his or her suite, which includes a private bathroom, steam shower, daybed and space to enjoy tea or light snack.

“Our therapists are going to be taking a personal interest in our guests’ overall well-being,” says Conte. “The overarching Spa experience will be a blended harmony of therapy, relaxation and education while offering a body, mind and spirit connection.”

The suite experience will include a pre-treatment (relaxation tea, as well as either a customized steam or dry body brushing), followed by the treatment plan created with the therapist and then conclude with a post-treatment organic elixir. A sneak preview of spa packages to be offered include:

  • From the Earth: This treatment focuses on the mind and will deeply relax and relieve stress by using nature found within Meadowood’s own landscape. Black walnut, found throughout the estate, will be used to create a gentle scrub, enhanced with custom-blended aromatherapy oils.
  • The Air We Breathe: A three and a half hour re-oxygenating and invigorating offering, this treatment will focus on recovery. The Air We Breathe is ideal for guests feeling the effects of jet lag or wedding and celebration festivities.
  • A la carte offerings will also be available for guests who are pressed for time.

Just prior to joining Meadowood’s Executive Team, Conte was the Director of Spa at Montage Laguna Beach, CA, where he led the Forbes Five-Star Spa to garner two consecutive World Spa Awards for Best Spa of North and South America.

Conte holds a BFA in Musical Theater and a minor in Directing from The Boston Conservatory in Massachusetts. He later shifted his professional focus and in 2005, retired from professional theater and went back to school, attending Mueller College of Holistic Studies in San Diego and graduating a Holistic Health Practitioner. After performing massage for a little more than three years, Conte was voted one of the best massage therapists in Orange County by RIVIERA magazine while working at the premiere Orange County Day Spa, Spa Gregories. During this time, he also was part of the opening team for the Renaissance Club Sport in Aliso Viejo, CA as Lead Therapist.

In 2008, Conte joined the Spa Leadership team for the opening of The Resort at Pelican Hill along the Newport Coast and was instrumental in helping to achieve a Forbes 5-Star rating before later joining Montage Laguna Beach. He has volunteered and partnered with non-profit Greet the Day, an organization dedicated to providing free spa treatments to individuals fighting cancer and also volunteers for the International Spa Association (ISPA).

Spa News: ISPA's Consumer Snapshot Initiative Goes Global

Image courtesy of ISPA

For the first time, the International SPA Association Foundation's popular survey reveals spa usage trends and perceptions of the spa industry around the world.

Launched in 2011, the International SPA Association (ISPA) Foundation's Consumer Snapshot Initiative provides valuable consumer insight into the spa industry "to better understand consumer choices and their overall perception of the spa industry." Now, for the very first time, Volume VI of the popular survey has extended globally beyond the United States to include spa-related research from the United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia.

Says Lynne McNees, ISPA President, “This research aims to shine a light on spa usage trends and perceptions of the spa industry around the world. The level of interest in the results has been remarkable and builds on the continued success of the previous five volumes. As the first international edition of the series, this volume has been greatly anticipated."

Undertaken by PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), the latest edition of ISPA's Consumer Snapshot Initiative aims to uncover what motivates spa-goers to visit and, equally as importantly, to not visit a spa, as well as to examine consumer opinions regarding the spa industry as a whole. Data was collected from 4,028 responses from a sample of consumers in Australia, Cananda, the United Kingdom, and the United States.*

Consumer Snapshot Initiative Volume VI Key Findings:

  • Overall, Australia has the lowest percentage of spa-goers compared to the other countries surveyed. However, Australia has the highest proportion of male spa-goers relative to its total spa-going population.
  • Most people who visit a spa go between one and four times per year.
  • British spa-goers place the most importance on the social aspect of a spa visit, with nearly one in five (19%) using their last spa visit to "join a family member or friend."
  • Massage is overwhelmingly the top treatment across all four countries surveyed with almost three quarters of all spa-goers (72%) experiencing one within the last year.
  • When it comes to top treatments (including massage), there are only subtle differences between the most-requested services in Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

“This research comes at such a fitting time as ISPA celebrates our 25th anniversary," says Michael Tompkins, ISPA Chairman. "A big thank you to our spa and resource partner members for their service to our industry. The quality research ISPA delivers is one of the many ways we serve our members and support the spa industry. ISPA has been the authoritative voice of the spa industry from the beginning and will continue in that rich tradition. We haven’t changed our focus in strengthening our industry - spa has always been our priority.”

More information on the ISPA Foundation and ISPA’s research can be found at

*The surveyed sample was selected based upon the most up-to-date census data in order to be representative of the age, income, and regional distributions of the entire population.

Spa News: Unilever To Acquire Murad Skincare

Image: Murad

Unilever continues to grow personal care prestige portfolio with acquisition of MURAD Skincare.

Unilever announced recently that it has signed an agreement to acquire MURAD, a leading clinical skincare brand. This follows the recent acquisitions of Dermalogica, Kate Somerville and REN, which jointly position Unilever as a key player in the personal care prestige segment.

Founded in 1989 in Los Angeles, MURAD is the first modern doctor brand, with a mission to provide proven, efficacious products. Howard Murad MD, a dermatologist, pharmacist, and UCLA professor, developed a unique recipe of antioxidants, anti-inflammatories, and hydrators to address virtually every skin care concern, from acne to anti-ageing. Murad has a significant presence in the US through professional salons and spas such as Massage Envy, and specialist retailers such as Sephora, Ulta and Nordstrom; as well as through direct sales. It also has a regional hub for Europe located in the UK, and the brand can be found in over 42 countries, in department stores, pharmacies, spas and salons.

Paul Polman, Unilever CEO, said: “We are delighted to welcome MURAD to our portfolio of Prestige personal care brands. As an expert ‘Doctor brand’, MURAD offers products in a differentiated clinical and holistic well-being segment. It has a loyal following that gives it excellent potential for expansion, and wonderfully complements the brands recently acquired. We look forward to working with Dr Murad and his team to continue to grow the brand.”

Dr. Howard Murad added: “We’ve always looked for opportunities to reach more people with our message of Inclusive Health and to touch more lives with our targeted, high-performance products. With Unilever, we can broaden our reach and significantly grow our brand while remaining faithful to the founding principles of MURAD. There is a very bright path ahead and I am excited to work with Unilever to share our products with the world—together we can inspire every person that the MURAD brand touches to live life beautifully.”

MURAD’S heritage and success is grounded on the principle that beauty and good health are vitally linked and best achieved through an Inclusive Health lifestyle. MURAD products combine a unique recipe of high performance ingredients that deliver solutions for healthy, beautiful skin. The brand, which had a turnover of US$115m in 2014, will be incorporated into Unilever’s Prestige division, which is exclusively dedicated to select distribution and premium personal care brands.