DePasquale Companies Lend Helping Hand To Sandy Relief Effort

DesPasquale Companies donated more than $160,000 worth of products to Hurricane Sandy victims.

DePasquale Companies, a family-owned and -operated beauty manufacturer based in Fairlawn, New Jersey, is putting its manpower and resources to good use to aid Hurricane Sandy victims in the New York and New Jersey areas. After witnessing the devastating effects of the storm first-hand, DePasquale has opened its warehouse and loaded up three donation trucks full of essentials such as personal care and grooming products.
With three deliveries scheduled in the coming days, several brands under the DePasquale umbrella—including Beauty Addicts, Cures By Avancé, ECRU New York, Little Green and New York Streets—will distribute more than $160,000 worth of shampoo, conditioner, body wash and personal care items for men, women and children. The company aims to alleviate some of the burden that many families face as they start to rebuild their homes and lives.
The company is sending donations to three locations: Christie & Co Salon, located directly within the heart of the storm-ravaged Queens neighborhood, the Steven Siller Tunnels to Tower Foundation in Staten Island, New York, and The People’s Pantry in Toms River, New Jersey.
“This storm hit home for us, literally,” said Carmen DePasquale, founder and owner of DePasquale Companies. “We are in the business of making people look and feel their best, so we can give victims some necessities needed to get them feeling just a bit more like their old selves.” 

[Image courtesy of Lexamedia]