“The Art of Attraction: The 2013 Salon and Spa Marketing Calendar” Helps Spas Market on a Budget

The Art of Attraction: The 2013 Salon and Spa Marketing Calendar

The Art of Attraction: The 2013 Salon and Spa Marketing Calendar is a year-long marketing workbook available on Amazon.com in both print and digital versions. The calendar provides tips on how to raise your spa's online profile, stimulate more word-of-mouth referrals and help you make a lasting impression on new and existing clients. Topic categories include educating clients, using social networks and email marketing.

Calendar creator, Elizabeth Kraus's role as a marketing consultant for two multi-state salon and spa professional product distributors, gave her a 360 degree view of the beauty industry. As a result she gained a unique understanding of the challenges that each player faces, from the manufacturers' production stand point, to distributors who assist in educating salon and spa professionals and, of course, salon and spa owners themselves.

"In my role as a consultant, I had the opportunity to interact with a wide range of salon and spa owners, who all share one common dilemma, the need to wear multiple hats when it comes to their business," says Kraus. "Most of these professionals work full-time hours behind the chair and must also perform their own bookkeeping and accounting tasks, human resources and management duties and marketing efforts."

Many day spa owners lack the resources to afford a dedicated marketing staff, so Kraus decided to come up with a calendar that provides business owners with tools to execute effective marketing strategies.

"My goal is to help salon and spa owners play a significant role in the lives of their clients and in their communities," Kraus explains. "The marketing ideas that they will find in my books and calendars are based on best practices for business management, human resources and marketing, and they will find elements of each in my books. I believe that this makes for a more holistic, systematic, long-term and strategic approach, rather than trying to find one silver bullet or brilliant idea that will propel them to instant success."

[Image courtesy of Elizabeth Kraus]