Doctor James Fulton, Jr., world-renowned dermatologist, is credited with hiring the first aesthetician on his medical team, was a co-developer of Retin-A and benzyl peroxide and co-founded the Vivant Skin Care line of products.

National Aesthetic Spa Network (NASN) recently honored Dr. Fulton at their 10th anniversary conference in Del Rey, FL. “Dr. Fulton did so much for our industry during his lifetime; we have a lot to thank him for and NASN is here to do that today,” said Denise R. Fuller, Founder of NASN. During the presentation, Michael Q. Pugliese, CEO, Circadia by Dr. Pugliese, Bethal, PA, spoke about the positive influence Dr. Fulton had on him and the industry, while Barbara Marzulli, owner of The Sanctuary at Traditions in Port St. Lucie, FL, and one of the first estheticians Dr. Fulton hired, said she attributes the success and longevity of her career to what she learned from him. Fulton’s daughter, Kelly Fulton-Kendrick, CEO of Vivant Skin Care accepted the award on Dr. Fulton’s behalf.

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