Michael Tompkins, CEO of Miraval Resort & Spa and incoming ISPA chairman

DAYSPA was thrilled to attend ISPA 2013, which wrapped up this week in Las Vegas. Here’s what we learned during the three-day event, which revolved around the theme of growth.

1. Walk the talk. It’s not enough to have an idea: we have to act on it. There’s no better example of this than Blake Mycoskie, founder of TOMS, who went from having an animated dinnertime discussion about starting a business to being a supplier to Nordstrom’s shoe department within months. On a more profound note, entrepreneur Bill Rancic ended his speech with a quote from Reverend Joel Osteen: “The wealthiest places on earth are the cemeteries, because lying in those graves are all kinds of dreams and desires that will never be fulfilled.” In other words, go for it!

2. Embrace those growing pains. As outgoing ISPA chairman Ella Stimpson noted, obstacles and struggles are a necessary part of growth. She encouraged audience members to push through their comfort zone to get to where they want to be. Deborah Szekely—founder of the Golden Door Spa and Wellness Warrior nonprofit—agreed that people shouldn’t be afraid to fail. In her words, “crazy ideas change the world!”

3. A is for Attitude. As explained by Wyatt Webb, founder of the Equine Experience at Miraval Resort & Spa, we are our own worst critic, our brains constantly churning out negative “chatter.” He suggested that, during the course of our day, we should try not to focus on the one thing we did wrong—instead, focus on the 20 things we did right. Aim to accentuate the positive and avoid the negative (people). He left us with this thought-provoking observation: humans are the only living things on the planet for whom the present moment isn’t enough.

4. Giving is receiving. Blake Mycoskie opined that while giving not only feels really good, it’s also great for business in the long term. Furthermore, if business owners focus on giving, customers will do the marketing for them. Mycoskie also believes that it’s possible to use business to solve a problem—such as people in third-world countries with terrible vision or no shoes. His ever-expanding empire is the perfect example of this.

5. The shoots of recovery are growing. After a rocky patch during the recession, the American spa industry is showing strong signs of bouncing back, with figures indicating overall revenue jumped from $13.4 billion to $14 billion between 2011 and 2012. From revamped protocols to packaging tweaks to brand-new acne lines, skincare manufacturers and spas have plenty of treats in store for 2014 and beyond. Expect DAYSPA to keep you updated throughout the year!

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