Support patients and survivors of cancer with skin care that addresses their unique needs.

Photography: Armando Sanchez; Styling: Danielle Caseñas & Katie O’Reilly

From top left:

Control Corrective Growth Factor Treatment Cream from Universal Companies
Nutritious yeast derivatives aid this facial formula in calming patients’ skin after chemo and radiation treatments. The product also accelerates cell renewal to help diminish scars and redness. 800.558.5571,

Skin 2 Skin Care Photoaging Repair Cream
Address sore, raw, overly sensitive and discolored dermis with this nontoxic, botanical cream designed to protect and restore skin that’s been subjected to intensive medical treatments. 877.754.6790,

Dermelect Cosmeceuticals Makeover Ridge Filler
Favored by clients whose nailbeds have dried out and cracked due to serial chemo treatments, this filler conceals nails’ imperfections while infusing them with moisture and protein peptides for improved strength. 888.MY.DERMELECT,

Set-N-Me-Free d’Aloe Gentle Gel
Healthcare professionals appreciate this aloe vera–concentrated formula that helps to protect skin cells during radiation treatments and soothe redness and lesions post-treatment. 800.221.9727,

Innovative Skincare Hydra-Cool Serum
A hydrating formula that’s specially designed to soothe painful radiation burns and cracked nail beds, this product is one of eight in the company’s medical-grade Cancer Care Line. Sales help fund iS Cancer Care Spa Days. 888.807.4447,

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