Schoolteachers may get their share of free apples, but considering most spend more time with students than their parents do, often in physically demanding, labor-intensive situations, the task of educating is certainly no stroll through the playground.

That’s why the staff members of Gifted Hands Therapeutic Wellness Center in South Pasadena, California (of whom many maintain close friendships with teachers) recently decided to reward and thank all educators in the best way they knew how—through massively discounted wellness and relaxation services.

Sunday through Wednesday, teachers who work at any school can receive half off the ticket price for a Therapeutic Massage (regularly 90 min./$120), and the Therapeutic Facial (regularly 90 min./$90) for only $50. Therapists will utilize any modalities requested or needed by clients for each service. They’re also invited to attend free personal training sessions on Sundays.

“Most teachers are very busy, and lead stressful lives, and we want to make sure they don’t neglect their health,” says manager Alexis Lewis. “We were also looking for a way to draw more of a professional crowd into our facility.”

To publicize the special, Lewis contacted the communications departments of more than 30 local schools—from pre-K through college. She then ensured that news of the promotion was electronically delivered to each educator employed at the institutions.

“It hasn’t drawn a ton of teachers yet,” Lewis says, “but we’re going to make the Teacher’s Special a permanent policy, so that as word begins to spread, educators can still receive a healthy, relaxing ‘Thank You’ for all their hard work, any time.”

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