Ellery’s new location opened on October 9, 2012, in Beverly Hills, CA.

Whoever first decreed, “Beauty is more than skin-deep,” sure wasn’t kidding. For more than 25 years, Lucinda Ellery, a big-hearted and effervescent beauty industry veteran, has devoted her business to helping women overcome issues that derive from trichotillomania, alopecia, female pattern hair loss and cancer-related hair loss. Hailing from the U.K., Ellery established London’s Lucinda Ellery Consultancy back in 1984. Just a few months ago, however, Ellery, the brand CEO, responded to the burgeoning American demand for such services by bringing her magic across the pond, and into a brand-new Beverly Hills Salon, located on uber-posh Burton Way.

In the new outpost, as in Ellery’s original location, a team of specialty professionals consult with individual hair-loss sufferers to help clients meet a two-pronged goal: to give each woman her dream head of hair—via an innovative Intra-lace extensions system that Ellery developed, in which a material mesh is gently and permanently integrated, strand by strand, into the client’s natural hair, with further natural hair added to conceal the hair loss—and to create a lifelong wellness and support plan to help sufferrers overcome their problems from the root up. A self-made expert in the field, Ellery provides counseling, outsources therapeutic help, and hosts trichotillomania recovery support groups to accomplish the latter objective.

“The goal is to promote confidence and self-esteem in women who are distraught because of their hair condition,” says Ellery, who has maintained lifelong relationships with most of her clients—seeing them through recovery from debilitating conditions and helping them to eventually grow lush, natural manes. “By providing the most advanced hair-loss management services available, we are proud to make a positive impact.” —Katie O’Reilly

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