Katie O'Reilly

Spa Treatments: Cellulite-Busting Solutions

Learn how to fight the Battle of the Bulge where you’re most guaranteed to win: on your spa’s home turf.


Spa Services: Customized Cleansing

Pros sound off on the importance of personalizing facial cleansing in treatment.


Spa Retail: Homecare Hydration

Pros dish on how to make sure clients' skin stays healthy and hydrated between spa visits.


Spa Health: Changing Climate and Skin Care

What do climate changes mean for the future of skin care?


Spa Wellness: The Oaks at Ojai

The Oaks at Ojai has been boosting its wellness profile for 36 years—and counting.


Spa Trends: Earthing

Spa practitioners increasingly find that balanced energy and reduced inflammation may lie right beneath their feet.


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