Dori Soukup

Sticky Situation: Telltale Tipping

Do you get suspicious when an employee receives extra-generous tips?


Sticky Situation: The Low-Tipper

How do you handle a client who leaves a noticeably low tip?


Sticky Situation: Suggesting a Homecare Overhaul

How do you suggest a complete makeover of a client's homecare regimen?


Spa Services: Add-On Treatments

Add-on services can be a major revenue generator when the price is right.


SPA MANAGEMENT: How to Keep a Man

Once you’ve lured your male clients into the spa, use these tried-and-true techniques to keep them there.


Spa MANAGEMENT: Holiday-ify Your Spa Retail Boutique

Explore these quick ways to create a bottom-line boosting winter wonderland in your spa.


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