Expanded Holiday Retail Gift Guide 2014: Mad Men

Inspiration for stocking your retail section's shelves to stuff the stocking of your Mad Men loving clientele.


Expanded Holiday Retail Gift Guide 2014: Downton Abbey

Options for stocking your spa's retail section for a woman defined by refinement and dramatic sophistication; a lady who appreciates the finer things.


Wanderlust Woman

Expanded Holiday Retail Gift Guide 2014: The Amazing Race

Retail possibilities for a spa-loving wanderlust who wants to look good while traversing the globe.


Spa Business: Skin and the Hormonal Connection

How menopause and perimenopause affect the skin.


Making Waves: Part 1

Take a closer look at the high-level technologies revolutionizing today's esthetics offerings


Spa Business: New Research on Massage Benefits

New research shows the many benefits of massage.<em>--Andrea Renskoff</em>


Spa Wellness: Cell-ing Points

Learn the true science behind some common myths surrounding stem cell use in skincare products.


Spa Treatments: Cellulite-Busting Solutions

Learn how to fight the Battle of the Bulge where you’re most guaranteed to win: on your spa’s home turf.


Spa Services: Hair Removal Basics

We cover the ins and outs of the most popular methods of hair removal.


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