Spa Management: Spa Week Strategies

4. Focus on the Client Experience

Although the low price point will be the primary incentive driving consumers to your spa, their overall experience is the deciding factor in whether or not they will return. Little details, such as a gift with purchase or excellent customer service, could make a substantial impact in retaining your Spa Week consumer. “We want to win Spa Week clients over,” says Kaupe. “So, when they come in we’ll serve hot tea, cookies and snacks. After the treatment, we send them home with some sort of gift, such as a scented soap.”

Spa Week founder Reid recommends having each client fill out a profile that includes their birth date, anniversary, the number of children they have, etc., as a means to engage in follow-up correspondence. “Send them a birthday card with a 20%-off coupon for the treatment of their choice,” suggests Reid. “If you do your part, there’s no reason they shouldn’t come back.”