Spa Treatments: Pain Management Therapy

Maya Moon Healing Arts

Maya Moon Healing Arts in Boulder, CO

The Arvigo Techniques employed in this unique spa’s Maya Abdominal Therapy (90 min./$110-150) were developed by Dr. Rosita Arvigo, a naprathic physician who has extensively studied Central American shamans’ traditional healing rituals. This modality works to restore the body to its natural balance by aligning organs that have shifted, and restoring the flow of blood, lymph, nerve and energy (chi). It is thought to be especially beneficial for pain associated with women’s reproductive concerns: PMS; cervical dysplasia; endometriosis; and fertility, pregnancy and postpartum issues. It may also help ease digestive complaints as well as anxiety and depression.

“Working with the first, second and third chakras, we stimulate blood and energy flow via manipulation of the belly and sacrum,” explains Maya Moon owner Naomi Boggs. “This creates blood flow to the uterus, yet these motions also benefit male clients; they can help with erectile dysfunction.”

For maximum effect, Boggs recommends three treatments in the first month (including an initial 90-minute consultation, during which the client fills out a 13-page intake form to help therapists gain a crystal-clear understanding of her problems), then twice per month for the subsequent three to four months. She even teaches clients how to perform the massage on themselves to maintain results afterward, and leads workshops on reproductive self-care throughout the country ($325-$375).

Maya Moon therapists must each demonstrate a mastery of self-care and progress through two additional levels of education in Arvigo techniques (which usually takes about a year) before becoming certified to practice on clients. “It’s very important to me that therapists practice the self-care they preach; the choir isn’t going to listen to a practitioner who doesn’t know virtually everything about digestive and reproductive anatomy, or who smokes or has poor nutrition.”

Though Boggs admits it can be difficult to guide clients through what can be an “intense experience,” Maya Abdominal Therapy has proved popular: Her business is booked two weeks in advance due solely to word of mouth. “I’ve helped hundreds of women get pregnant when doctors said they couldn’t, so it’s been life-changing,” she says. “We work hard to help clients improve on every level: nutritionally, spiritually, emotionally and physically.”