She's Got The Look

Armando Sanchez

THE LOOK: Barely There

Ideal for young clients but popular across the board, this carefully created fresh face appears effortless, natural and clean, making it an ideal showcase for well-tended skin.

Why is this look such a ‘go-to’ for makeup artists and spa professionals?
Geason: Because it’s a look everyone can wear, and it’s ideal for women who have little time to spend getting ready. Moms, in particular, are drawn to this look, as they generally only have minutes to spare on any given day.

Towne: Wearing little makeup conveys confidence. It shows you don’t need a lot of color to feel beautiful; your face is sufficient. It’s simple and easy to create and exemplifies the essence of what your client is getting with your spa’s help: beautiful skin.

It’s perfect for the ‘I never wear foundation’ client. I hear this from many women who don’t realize that foundation doesn’t have to be some heavy face paint.

Which treatments best complement this look?
Geason: When natural beauty is the subject, the brows become the frame. Many women are amazed at the difference a nicely shaped brow makes, and once they see it, they’re sure to re-book future brow-shaping appointments.

Luque: Any skin-enhancing service is a great tie-in—whether it’s microdermabrasion or a traditional European facial. This is also a great look to provide following any skin service, as it doesn’t require a lot of time, nor much makeup.

How do you sell clients products that offer the “barely there” effect?
Roselli: Position this look as your clients’ little black dress. They should spend the bulk of their budget on classic, timeless products that complement anything. When they want more color or drama, teach them one of the other looks and sell those products, too.

Towne: Before any client leaves, dust a little mineral powder foundation on for sun protection. That’s the basis for this look, and opens the conversation for more.

Suggested beauty tools: Your Name Skin Transforming Foundation in Linen, Mineralogie Blush in Politely Pink, Aveda Petal Essence Eye Color in Bittersweet, Jane Iredale Bitty Brow Kit and Zap&Hide Blemish Concealer, Colorstrokes Advanced Mineral Concealer