Work Flow: Protect Your MTs

3. Limit hours and clients. Obviously, MTs aren’t machines. To remain effective, they must be able to limit their work time and number of consecutive clients. These parameters will vary among practitioners, so ask your MTs what they can handle.

✷ Healthy advice: In general, therapists shouldn’t see more than three clients in a row, and need 10 minutes in between to hydrate, use the bathroom and have a snack if necessary.

4. Encourage staff give-and-take. As an employer, do all you can to encourage your spa practitioners to trade treatments with each other. This will help them stay healthy, avoid burnout, learn about different services offered at the spa, and increase their repertoire by exposing them to fellow practitioners' massage techniques.

✷ Healthy advice: If possible, allow therapists to use the treatment rooms during off-hours. With permission, print out a master list of staff email addresses so therapists can contact each other to set up trades. Post a sign in the break room or send an email letting your staff know you encourage trading services for better health and increased knowledge.