Face Time

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Spa: Skin Concepts Spa, Tempe, AZ
• Cleanse face and neck with Plantae Foaming Wash; remove with lukewarm water.
• Remove excess oil from face and neck with plain witch hazel.
• Wearing gloves, apply Incredible Enzymes to face and neck. Gently massage into skin for 3-5 minutes. Using lukewarm water and a sponge, remove all residue.
• Wipe with plain witch hazel to remove remove excess oil.
• Apply Embryol Moisture or petroleum jelly around eye area, nostrils and lips to prevent the peel from traveling into sensitive areas.
• Wearing gloves and using a soft fan brush, apply Mass-A-Peel onto face, feathering down under jaw line in a thick layer (avoid under eyes and corners of the nose). Massage into skin for 3 minutes. Instruct client to leave the peel on her face for the next 5-6 hours at home.

Why Clients Love It: “It offers a fantastic medium-depth peel—it’s easy to apply and causes no heat or discomfort to the customer. And a great flaking effect takes place on days three and four,” says Maria Elena Hewitt, owner of Skin Concepts Spa. “Clients see and feel the difference.”