Never-Never Land

Courtesy The Feel Good Spa

Tempting Tinkerbell

Feel Good’s clientele is a mix of international and national hotel guests and locals, who frequently take advantage of promotions incorporating spa treatments into room packages for a close-by getaway. The spa’s marketing team has devised savvy and comprehensive ways of catching prospective spa-goers’ attention; and many of the coolest offerings are featured on the poolside restaurant menu. So, while slurping up “boozy sno-cones," cool kids might be tempted into trying out equally sumptuous organic fruit-based skin treatments. And Facebook and Twitter messages attract attention via free-spirited verbiage, aptly reflecting the spa’s aesthetic.

But what else besides youth-centric marketing tactics and a whimsical menu speaks to the sensibilities of this growing but still somewhat uncommon spa-going demographic? “We have an easy vibe that attracts people from a wide age range,” offers D’Anna. “There’s a casual, relaxing ambience that people with an eye for detail, like artists, really go for.”

Feel Good prices are competitive with other spas in the area, but “our treatments are unique and powerful,” D’Anna says. “It’s about pure and basic ingredients that come from nature, and a down-to-earth experience that engages the physical, mental and spiritual aspects of well-being. It’s about getting back in touch with your path in life.”
After my luscious body scrub and foot treatment, I hang out for a while in the spa’s well-trafficked steam room and sauna. After only a few hours in Feel Good mode, I am a few decades lighter. I may have entered the place well aware of all my 40-plus years, but as I wander back to reception through the pool, swaying to Coldplay, I am reminded of what it felt like to be 26, relaxed and free, and I leave smiling.

Alison Singh Gee is a Los Angeles-based author and journalist.

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