The Art of the Spa Photo Shoot

Trinette Reed Photography

Spa Shot Checklist

A comprehensive list of your needs is crucial to the success of a photo shoot. “Always compile a proposed ‘shot list’ for photographers so that on the day of, you can better organize staff, models, art direction, wardrobe and props,” Oskin says. This would be a very detailed list noting each and every service and area you want featured, that also indicates specific props such as logo-embroidered robes, candles and fresh flowers. (Also make sure your photographers are aware that photos must be sized at least 300 dpi—the minimum resolution requirement for most print publications.)

Here’s an expert-approved, sample shot list:
• Exterior architecture
• Exterior landscaping
• Spa sign
• Interior architecture
• Lounge/reception
• Waiting room/locker room
• Treatment rooms
• Pool, Jacuzzi, saunas
• Boutique area
• Spa products
• Spa equipment
• Décor details: fountains, lighting fixtures, flowers, statues, etc.
• Variety of shots: wide angle, close-up, video, etc.
• Models receiving signature treatments
• Embroidered robes, white towels
• Owner headshots