Feet First


Hot Trend #1:Eye Popping Color

“Summer is still dominated by neons and bright, vibrant colors,” says Maritza Cabezas, brand manager for the ProLinc, Checi and Gena lines from American International Industries. “Color is everywhere and toes are no exception. Color helps express style and personality; this trend is not showing signs of slowing.”

How to bring it: “Try two-tone-ing, where you have sheers and some bright colors on the free edge, like greens, yellows, coral-y pinks,” suggests Suzi Weiss-Fischmann, executive vice president and artistic director, OPI. “Pink is generally popular when the sun comes out, and orange is also a very hot color. I think if clients wear their nails short, they can really wear very deep, hot, bright colors. They all look good on shorter nails.”

“Encourage self-expression,” adds Sue Thomas, director of sales, SpaRitual. “Explore unique combinations of color. The days of mauve, red and pink are gone. Even the most conservative client is open to trying trendier looks, like a white-gold shimmer, or searing pops of color.

Suggested products: Heliotrope and Indigo (Pigment collection) and Clay (Alchemy collection) from SpaRitual; OPI’s Vintage Minnie Mouse collection; Essie’s Bikini So Teeny Summer Collection 2012