Muddy Romance

Each Mudslide treatment involves a visit to the Mud Bar

The Real Dirt

To begin my treatment, I check in at the desk and a cheerful hostess leads me to the luxurious women’s locker room, where I drench myself in Solage’s lavender-scented signature lotion, don a chic, hooded cotton robe and head to an open-sided barn set up like a bar—it’s appropriately dubbed the “Mud Bar.” There, a young woman in white pants and a baseball cap is vigorously mixing mud (sourced from California and South America) with volcanic ash and geothermal mineral water (a local spring supplies this special H20, which is naturally heated by the earth’s core to about 200 degrees) from a big pot into a simple metal bucket, the kind used for animal feed (everything here has a playful farm theme).

“Smell these and let me know how your body responds,” Valerie says, asking me to consider four different essential oil blends, combined for their properties and specific benefits: stress-relieving, mood-enhancing, muscle-soothing or revitalizing. She mixes a generous dripping of my pick—stress relief—into the designer mud and keeps the oil flowing until the lavender scents alone begin to transport me into another realm. (And that’s before the treatment even begins!)