Something Borrowed, Something New

A small-but-lovely spread can make a grand impression.

Doing It Small-Scale

Even if your day spa isn’t connected to a luxury hotel, you can attract a healthy bridal business by adapting some of Ciel Spa’s strategies:

Ciel Strategy 1: Serve elegant refreshments from the hotel restaurant.
Adaptation: Create tempting hors d’oeuvre platters using delectable treats from a local gourmet shop, and serve them on beautiful lacquer trays.

Ciel Strategy 2: Allow bridal party
groups access to the hotel’s fitness center
and/or pool.
Adaptation: Include an instructor-led yoga, meditation or stretching session in your bridal package.

Ciel Strategy 3: Offer impeccably designed grounds for wedding photo shoots, for a location fee.
Adaptation: Cross-market with a local wedding photographer, offering referral fees to each other and discounts for the client; if your spa has a garden, consider bringing in the photographer to shoot at your spa, and split the fee.

Finally, keep in mind that the key element that makes any event memorable, whether it’s a spa visit or a wedding, is the people. Warm, friendly and talented staff, and happy and appreciative guests, are always the winning formula—and that goes for all spas, from the 1,000-square-foot single-location to the sprawling hotel-based showplace.