Inspiration: The Modern Bel

Left: CORRIDOR The barrel ceiling and soft up-lighting in the narrow hallway invites clients into the interior world of the spa. Abstract ivory plaster bougainvillea crafted by Canadian artists Moss & Lamb climb the walls.

Right: WOMEN’S LOCKER ROOM ROTUNDA An artful chandelier (from featuring stylish black metal blooms on black branches graces the vaulted ceiling. The hotel, famously surrounded by lush gardens, inspired the contemporary floral allusions. “We wanted to reference the gardens in an unexpected way,” says Kastl. “It’s not the ‘ye old hang-a-picture-of-a-flower’ way, but floral references that have more edge.”

FLOORS The floors throughout the spa have been constructed from engineered wood made for commercial use; the top inch of flooring is real wood. Engineered wood has more structure and, unlike solid wood, does not expand with moisture and cannot warp. The floor was tested extensively to make sure it would stand up to massage oil and beauty product spills. All floors were finished with a hard-core sealer. “If spills are dealt with quickly there shouldn’t be any problems,” says Kastl. “We haven’t had any post-occupancy issues.”