Inspiration: The Modern Bel

WOMEN’S STEAM ROOM Entering the Steam Room feels a bit like walking into a chic Atlantis, with Italian mosaic tiles by Sicis. The coral, beige and brown shell-like tones of the women’s steam room echo the hues of the females-only relaxation room. Tiny lights sparkle from the ceiling, like little stars that shine through the steam.

Inset: MEN’S STEAM ROOM The men’s version mirrors the women’s, with one wall of wave-pattern tiling, but the colors are distinctly male: ocean-like hues that match the color scheme of the men’s locker room.

THE DETAILS The original design called for each wall to have a wave pattern of tiles running across the room, but the custom tile pattern, painstakingly arranged by Italian artisans and sent across the Atlantic, became extremely costly. The designers decided that having just one wall of wave would stand out visually and save money.

Kastl envisioned soft, unusual lighting in the steam room. These twinkle lights, arranged in a random night sky pattern, were created by poking hundreds of fiber optics through a sheetrock ceiling and then cutting the strands off flush to the ceiling. Builders then tiled around the fiber optics. “It’s a pretty cost-effective way to do interesting lighting,” says the designer, explaining that with fiber optics there is only one light source; it sits hidden in the locker room. “We can change the color of the light and even have the light move in a pattern from one side of the room to the other. It’s romantic and surprising.”