Around the World with DAYSPA: Thai Massage

The Naga Thai treatment at The Spa at the Miraval Resort in Tucson, Arizona

Honor Meets Creativity

The Spa at the Miraval Resort in Tucson, Arizona, incorporates age-old Thai traditions into these dynamic menu offerings:

Naga Named for the Buddhist word meaning half-human serpent, this treatment utilizes the traditional idea of positioning the therapist in air above the client to allow for maximum angles of approach. Silks typically used by aerial artists are suspended from a ceiling fixture. The therapist wraps him- or herself in the silks and is able to move and sway, allowing for pressure changes and fluid movements, producing for the client a sensation akin to being in water. The silks can also be wrapped around clients’ limbs, enabling the therapist to manipulate and stretch muscles beyond their usual capacity. With Naga, a picture says a thousand words, says Miraval’s spa director, Simon Marxer: “We have images of this treatment that are so visually stunning, guests book it immediately.”

Qi Journey This “fusion” service starts with a Thai massage, followed by an acupuncture treatment while the client is still lying on the mat. With acupuncture needles in place, the therapist performs craniosacral therapy. This multi-faceted treatment opens the body physically and energetically, releasing imbalances and restrictions. “It’s a beautiful example of complementary modalities,” says Marxer.

Private Take-Home Thai This therapist-to-client training allows guests to prolong their experience beyond their spa visit. Couples or friends are taught basic Thai tension-relieving moves and assisted stretches to create a routine they can perform on each other. “Guests say that they leave a Thai treatment feeling better than after any other bodywork, so this is a wonderful way for them to take that feeling home,” says Marxer. “Normally, clients buy a product or have some memories, but this really resonates.”