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Creative Chakra Spa & Yoga Studio

Creative Chakra Spa & Yoga Studio

Marina del Rey, CA

When Sandie West was tapped to take part in the national sustainability event known as Green Festival in Los Angeles, the holistic practitioner and owner of Creative Chakra couldn’t have been more delighted. Initially invited by the local Holistic Chamber of Commerce to take over the yoga and movement stage at the 10-year-old event, West also served as a key sponsor, emcee and coordinator of a multifaceted lineup of educational seminars and demonstrations for the more than 10,000 attendees who piled into the Los Angeles Convention Center last October.

To put her spa’s signature on the proceedings, West decided to offer show-goers samples of her new line of natural cleansing elixirs, made with herbs, teas, fruits, nuts and/or spices, which was also showcased at the event. A different elixir was offered after each class, and they were a huge hit, with attendees lining up to sample the selections. Creative Chakra was also the only business present offering massages.

Was the effort worth the rewards? Without a doubt, says West. “It was easy to put together, and with such a big turnout, it really solidified our place as a green leader,” she confides. “Participating in events like these shows goodwill toward the community, and helps identify who you are and what you stand for. Even people who couldn’t make it to the festival heard about the event in our newsletter.”

West recommends that spa owners looking to get involved with an existing event join with other green businesses. Determine a specialty that sets your spa apart and work with local media to get the word out about the event and your involvement. “People might think going green is out of reach, but simple things make the difference,” she says. “If you’re promoting wellness, you have to put your money where your mouth is!”